The Festival - Beatles in the Hay

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Beatles in the Hay is a festival in the Bay area for Beatles fans from across the States to get together. It is a quirky local festival with a global reach.

Its setting, an hour drive from downtown San Francisco, with breathtaking views of the Atlantic and good music, makes it a popular attraction among Beatles enthusiasts from all over the world.

People on a road trips often stop by to check it out. They usually stay for a few hours and enjoy their favorite Beatles tunes covered by amateur bands that share the same appreciation for the iconic British band as they do.

Catering includes locally grown vegetables, cheeses and meat from neighboring organic farms and home-baked pies by Jessica, the wizard behind the Beatles in the Hay magic. This feature is probably one of the reasons for the success of the festival, beyond the music.

Pre-sale tickets are $10 for a one-day pass which makes the overall experience affordable. They can be purchased online. 

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